Flat Clear™ – 2K Flat Clearcoat

Flat Clear™ is creating a revolution in the custom painting industry with this new “Australian Made” top of the range and easy to apply 2K Flat Clear.

Flat Clear™ is applied just like a regular clear coat so anything that can be cleared with a traditional 2K clear coat can now be cleared with Flat Clear!

Using Flat Clear™ you can have any flat colour you like! Flat Clear is great for going over a black base colour for getting amazing flat black results but with Flat Clear you are not limited with the choice of only flat black. Applied over any colour or artwork Flat Clear gives a great flat finish every time.

Flat Clear™ is specifically designed to have a level of resistance to scuffing and scratching that has not been seen before. Up until now this level of resistance has only been a dream for custom painters that wanted a more durable flat finish.
Voted as “The best Flat Clear around” by many custom painters!

Flat Clear

1lt Flat Clear kit

1x FC01-1                1lt Flat Clear
1x HFXS-500     500ml FX Hardener (S)

3lt Flat Clear kit

1x FC01-3           3lt Flat Clear
1x HFXS-1      1lt FX Hardener (S)